Acne be gone!

Most people do not know that I suffered from severe cystic acne throughout my teens up until I started Accutane my freshman year of high school. Until I started taking the Accutane I used every single line/product you could imagine to try and clear my skin; Proactive, Murad, dermatologist grade topical gels, minocycline, you name it I tried it. After I finished the Accutane I had the clearest skin you could imagine, up until two years ago. 

The picture below is my skin about 1 month ago

Before Picture

  I never thought that I would have the same problem in my mid 20’s! While my acne is definitely not near as bad as it was when I was 13 it is still alive and kicking! I have been searching high and low for a skin care regimen and brand that actually worked & that did not dry out the crud out of my skin - which did not even help! I also know that being a 20 something means I need to be trying to prevent wrinkles! AH! 

So, here it is ladies, gentleman, teens, tweens, and every age in between! My tried and true skin care regimen for acne prone skin -- it also helps with the fine lines and wrinkles! BONUS! 

Step 1 - Moisturizing Antibacterial Facial Cleanser 

This face wash is AMAZING! It is described as a gentle, soap-free cleanser & it is just that! This cleanser is different than many acne cleansers because it is 4% triclosan. Triclosan is antibacterial/ anti fungal agent and has been much more effective for me as opposed to salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. 

The directions state that you can use it twice a day but I recommend using it once a day either morning or night whatever you prefer. I do recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser before just to get all your makeup first then use this face wash. Purpose or Basis are great for this or face wipes can do the trick! You want to make sure the cleanser is able to do its job, instead of trying to get your makeup off with it. This product is also great in conjunction with the Clarisonic - which I am OBSESSED with! I use the delicate brush head!

Step 2 - Glycolic Expert Moisturizer 

This moisturizer is like something I have not used before. It is very light weight (great for my normal/oily skin) but hydrating at the same time. The 10% glycolic acid delivers optimal anti-aging effects with no irritation. This product stimulates cell turnover (which is what many times causes those pesky breakouts) and also smooths the appearance of those annoying fine lines, which I am receiving. My face feels like a babies bottom it is so smooth!

This moisturizer does NOT have spf and may cause sensitivity to the sun! If you put this on in the morning as your day time moisturizer put a separate spf on (a lot of foundations or bb creams already have an spf). Or you can put it on at night after you wash your face! One pump and you are good to go, this stuff has lasted me 2 months and I use it everyday & I also have more than half left! 

Step 3 - Daily Exfoliating Anti-Blemish Pads

These little guys, my friends, are powerful little pads! The container comes with 36 salicylic acid single pads that you swipe on before you go to bed. My little hint is to cut the pads in half and only use half of the pad on your entire face, focusing on the troubled areas. Start out using 2 times a week at night and build up from there. Using this with a moisturizer may counteract the benefits, so I would not use a moisturizer with this. Wash your face and then swipe this on and call it a night! Warning: you will definitely feel this as it tingles a little bit but that will pass! 

Here is an after photo, I know it is not the best quality but you get the picture! A lot of the spots you see are hyper pigmentation (scarring) but should go away in time! Hope you all find this informative and helpful! I know how it feels to have to deal with acne day in and day out so if you have an questions at all please ask! You can find these products at Ulta Beauty! 

After Picture