7 Bride Essentials for Wedding Day // Beauty Edition

It’s your wedding day! HORAAH! Check your wedding day bag to see if you have these essential items from a bridal makeup and hair artist’s perspective! Here are 7 NOT so obvious items.

#1 MINI PERSONAL FAN I know, I know sounds high maintenance. But trust me Brides, especially summer brides, you will be thankful you have this in your bag to carry around with you. Old churches don’t always have the best AC, am I right?! Bet you didn’t think of that. Not to mention, muggy St. Louis Days… sometimes you just need air flow. It is mini and has so many other uses then for your wedding day!

#2 UNDERARM DEODORANT WIPES Wedding Day is a LONG day. Swipe one of these under your arms during the cocktail hour or before your reception to freshen up. Then do number 3 on the list.

#3 SPRAY DEODORANT Sounds random I know, but what happens if you need to freshen up throughout the day? You don’t want deodorant gel stains or marks on your gown. Plus, then you can share it with your bridesmaids!

#4 ANTI CHAFE STICK Not for what you think! For your dress laying on your shoulders! If you have jewels or straps at all sitting on your shoulders, it may start to really bother you! This will help it not get so uncomfortable!

#5 HEEL STOPPERS for your wedding day shoes. Sometimes photographers make you treck through the wilderness to get the “shot.” If it rained recently you will be happy to have these.

#6 EYE GELS and a HYDRATING SHEET MASK for first thing in the morning. Do NOT even think about using eye gels or a face mask that you have never used before. Do you WANT to break out in some crazy rash the day of your wedding, don’t think so :) So use these items two weeks before your wedding and make sure your skin doesn’t freak out? If it doesn’t use them first thing in the AM before everyone arrives to help you get ready.

A cute #7 BRIDAL TOTE to carry it all around! Don't get one that has the bride plastered all over, get one that you can use for the future! Who wants a small clutch plus another bag. Just do an all in one.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Stay beautiful all - XO JENN